Bharti Arora IPS Faites votre devoir et laissez faire aux dieux
(Do your duty, and leave the outcome to the Gods)


I extend a very warm season’s greetings to all. Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai is a famed institution and the pride of the whole state. I am happy to be at the helm of affairs of this renowned school and hope to receive the cooperation and support of the staff and students alike in my endeavour to steer the school towards greater glory and success. With the talent and infrastructure at our disposal, we can reach the pinnacles of victory in all that we aim. Rai has the potential to become the cradle of excellence in both sports and academics in the years to come.In my opinion, the world’s an oyster for those who persevere through the dint of hard work.

However, excellence is not measured by either infrastructure or reputation. There is no doubt that only and only dedication towards one’s duty will bear fruit. I would like to make it very clear to all that discipline is of paramount importance in any institution , indeed , in even a relatively small social unit as the family. Discipline trains both body and mind, focusing it towards the ultimate goal for which we all are here. Certain rules and regulations are laid down to smoothen the functioning of the school. These are for the welfare of the students and both students and their guardians are expected to adhere to these.

Kindly note the following instructions:

  1. Students are expected to be punctual for their classes and games. They must report on time for their meals in the mess and for other activities as well.
  2. Keeping mobiles is strictly prohibited. Flouting the rule will lead to instant rustication.
  3. Forming of any group without the permission of the authorities is highly irregular. Students are expected to keep out of any kind of politics.
  4. A student’s stay in the school will be entirely result oriented. He/She is expected to strive to the utmost to improve his or her academic and sports performance.
  5. No indiscipline will be tolerated in the school.

I expect every individual of the school, be it a staff member or a student, to strengthen my hands so that we can together work towards fulfilling the vision of the founding fathers of this great institution and move with single-minded concentration towards a better future.

Bharti Arora